Stork: Neural Correlates of Biological Motion Perception in Children with ASD

FREDERICK SHIC (2015-04-17 to 2019-03-31) Neural Correlates of Biological Motion Perception in Children with ASD. Amount: $705552



? Mentored Career Development Award for Frederick Shic, Ph.D. This application will support my development as a scientist, giving me the tools necessary to advance as an independent investigator. For the last 9 years, I have been invested in understanding the early visual social-cognitive processes of infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). I have developed new technologies and new approaches for analyzing eye-tracking data, drawing heavily on my experiences as a software developer and engineer. I have conducted several studies of atypical visual social cognition in ASD, charting early developmental trajectories of the disorder and offering new perspectives on the nature of information processing atypicalities in ASD. I bring a unique toolset and perspective to the field of autism research. I am currently building a lab centered on developing new, consumer- ready technologies that translate theoretical mechanisms of change and laboratory findings into clinically- meaningful tools for individuals with ASD. At the moment, the development of new technologies for helping children with ASD is progressing incredibly rapidly. Countless software applications, tools, and techniques have been proposed, and the breadth and pace of these new developments is breathtaking. My goal is to ground these new developments in an approach that leverages a rich understanding of developmental theory, brain development, and behavior. Although I have experience studying behavior, I will benefit from more directed and concerted instruction; to become an expert in developmental theory and methods for the study of brain development, I will need a specific, comprehensive program of guided education as well as hands-on learning opportunities. Combining an understanding of developmental cognitive neuroscience with technology development will result in a more theoretically complete picture of the processes of change and will accelerate methods for developing and refining new technologies. This approach will make me an extremely unique investigator in the field of autism research, allowing me to use my talents and abilities to discover more about the fundamental nature of atypical developmental processes in ASD and to develop new technologies to effect positive change in individuals affected by the disorder. To this end, I am seeking to deepen and broaden my understanding of 3 fields: (a) developmental cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging; (b) clinical/behavioral aspects of the developmental psychopathology of autism; and (c) statistical methods for combining and modeling complex data streams. In a keystone research experience, I propose to combine my expertise in eye tracking with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), a neuroimaging technique applicable to individuals with ASD from infancy to adulthood and which targets the same underlying dynamic processes as the standard-of-field neuroimaging technique, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In my proposal, I will examine neural correlates of emotional biological motion processing in toddlers and children with ASD (N = 30) as compared to typically developing (TD; N = 30) and developmentally delayed (DD; N = 20) toddlers and children.

? Frederick Shic的博士生职业发展奖,博士这个应用程序将支持我作为一名科学家的发展,为我提供推进独立调查员所需的工具。在过去的9年中,我一直致力于了解患有自闭症谱系障碍(ASD)的婴幼儿早期视觉社交认知过程。我开发了用于分析眼动追踪数据的新技术和新方法,在很大程度上依赖于我作为软件开发人员和工程师的经验。我已经对ASD中的非典型视觉社会认知进行了几项研究,绘制了该疾病的早期发展轨迹,并提供了关于ASD信息处理非典型性质的新观点。我为自闭症研究领域带来了独特的工具集和视角。我目前正在建立一个以开发新的消费者就绪技术为中心的实验室,该技术将理论变革机制和实验室研究结果转化为具有临床意义的ASD患者工具。目前,帮助ASD儿童的新技术的发展正在以惊人的速度发展。已经提出了无数的软件应用程序,工具和技术,这些新开发的广度和速度令人叹为观止。我的目标是将这些新发展纳入一种利用对发展理论,大脑发展和行为的丰富理解的方法。虽然我有学习行为的经验,但我会受益于更有针对性和协调一致的指导;要成为大脑发育研究的发展理论和方法的专家,我需要一个特定的,全面的指导教育计划以及实践学习的机会。将对发展认知神经科学的理解与技术发展相结合,将在理论上更全面地了解变化过程,并将加速开发和改进新技术的方法。这种方法将使我成为自闭症研究领域极为独特的研究者,使我能够利用自己的才能和能力,更多地了解ASD中非典型发育过程的基本性质,并开发新技术,以实现受影响的个体的积极变化。这种疾病。为此,我正在寻求加深和拓宽我对3个领域的理解:(a)发展认知神经科学和神经影像学; (b)自闭症发育性精神病理学的临床/行为方面; (c)组合和建模复杂数据流的统计方法。在一项关键的研究经验中,我建议将我在眼动追踪和功能性近红外光谱(fNIRS)方面的专业知识结合起来,这是一种适用于从婴儿期到成年期的ASD患者的神经影像学技术,其目标与标准的相同的潜在动态过程。 - 场神经成像技术,功能磁共振成像(fMRI)。在我的提议中,我将检查幼儿和ASD儿童(N = 30)的情绪生物运动处理的神经相关性,与通常发育(TD; N = 30)和发育迟缓(DD; N = 20)幼儿和儿童相比较。

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