Stork: Central Control of Mobility in Aging

ROEE HOLTZER (2011-03-01 to 2016-02-29) Central Control of Mobility in Aging. Amount: $3257440



We propose to examine the effects of executive control and fatigue on the maintenance of mobility and risk of mobility disability in older adults and their underlying brain substrates. Our overall working hypothesis is that mobility, executive control, and fatigue are closely linked through the frontal cortex-basal ganglia system in older adults. We propose to recruit 450 non- demented community-residing individuals age 70 years and older for baseline and annual follow-ups over the 5-year study period. Study measures will be administered in each yearly evaluation to identify cross-sectional and longitudinal effects of executive control and fatigue on mobility (aim 1). Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIRS) will be used in each study visit to identify in motion PFC functional correlates of mobility (aim 2). Structural and functional MRI will be administered to a subsample (n=70) at baseline to augment our assessment of brain correlates of mobility. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: At present, cognitive function and fatigue are not routinely included in the risk assessment of mobility decline and disability in older adults. Furthermore, current mobility interventions do not specifically target cognitive function or fatigue. If successful, the findings of this proposal may substantially impact clinical practice guidelines. This proposal is designed to shed light on specific structural and functional brain substrates implicated in mobility. As such, we hope that our findings will further knowledge of causal and potentially modifiable predictors of mobility decline and disability in older adults.

我们建议检查执行控制和疲劳对老年人及其潜在的大脑基质中移动性和行动不便的风险的影响。我们的整体工作假设是,通过老年人的额叶皮层 - 基底神经节系统,移动性,执行控制和疲劳紧密相关。我们建议在5年的研究期内招募450名年龄在70岁及以上的非痴呆社区居民,进行基线和年度随访。研究措施将在每年的评估中进行,以确定执行控制和疲劳对流动性的横断面和纵向影响(目标1)。功能性近红外光谱(FNIRS)将用于每次研究访问,以识别运动中PFC功能相关性(目标2)。结构和功能性MRI将在基线处应用于子样本(n = 70),以增强我们对大脑相关性的评估。公共卫生相关性:目前,认知功能和疲劳通常不包括在老年人行动能力下降和残疾的风险评估中。此外,目前的移动干预并不专门针对认知功能或疲劳。如果成功,该提案的结果可能会对临床实践指南产生重大影响。该提议旨在阐明涉及移动性的特定结构和功能性大脑底物。因此,我们希望我们的研究结果能够进一步了解老年人行动能力下降和残疾的因果关系和潜在可修改的预测因素。

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