Stork: Academy of Aphasia Research and Training Symposium

SWATHI KIRAN (2018-07-01 to 2023-06-30) Academy of Aphasia Research and Training Symposium. Amount: $79878



The annual Academy of Aphasia meeting is the premier conference for researchers in the field of language processing and aphasia. Since the first meeting in 1963, this international meeting has brought together an interdisciplinary group of linguists, psychologists, neurologists, and speech-language pathologists to discuss the latest research in the field of aphasia, including theoretical, clinical, and rehabilitation aspects of this language disorder. The topics at the conference range widely but almost always cover all aspects of language processing including phonological processing, lexical-semantic processing, syntactic processing, orthographic processing, bilingualism, computational modeling, non-invasive and invasive brain imaging, language recovery, neuroplasticity, and rehabilitation. In this proposal, we aim to include two special initiatives that will take place during the annual academy of aphasia conference. The first initiative involves a formal mentoring program for young investigators entering the field of aphasia research. In this program, selected student/post-doctoral fellows from interdisciplinary backgrounds who are first authors at the conference are paired with a mentor. This mentor will provide specific feedback about the fellow's presentation and general mentorship to the fellow about research and academic careers. This program is currently occurring as part of the conference and has been growing at the annual meeting with very positive feedback. Additionally, a formal mentoring meeting will allow a structured format for discussion about a career in aphasia research. The second initiative will be a three hour seminar (New Frontiers in Aphasia Research) that covers the background and approach of a state of the art methodology (e.g., fNIRS, graph theoretical metric, machine learning approaches) that has an application to the study of aphasia. These workshops will be recorded and, consequently, uploaded to the academy website/youtube channel for dissemination to aphasia researchers and the public. This workshop will allow conference attendees to understand the conceptual and methodological aspect of a particular scientific approach that can be implemented in their study of aphasia. Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of aphasia research, these workshops will bridge the communication between aphasia researchers and scientists and experts who have developed new approaches to study the brain. This meeting already allows a valuable opportunity for cross-pollination of research ideas and will now provide a platform for the training the next generation of scientists interested in pursuing the nature of aphasia and associated language disorders in adults.

项目概要/摘要年度失语症学会会议是语言处理和失语症领域研究人员的首要会议。自1963年第一次会议以来,这次国际会议召集了一个由语言学家,心理学家,神经学家和言语语言学家组成的跨学科小组,讨论失语症领域的最新研究,包括该语言的理论,临床和康复方面。紊乱。会议的主题范围很广,但几乎总是涵盖语言处理的所有方面,包括语音处理,词汇语义处理,句法处理,正交处理,双语,计算建模,非侵入性和侵入性脑成像,语言恢复,神经可塑性和复原。在这项提案中,我们的目标是在年度失语症会议期间纳入两项特别举措。第一项举措涉及为进入失语症研究领域的年轻研究人员提供正式的辅导计划。在该计划中,来自跨学科背景的选定学生/博士后研究员是会议的第一作者,他们与导师配对。该导师将提供有关该研究员的介绍和对研究和学术职业的一般指导的具体反馈。该计划目前正作为会议的一部分进行,并在年度会议上得到了非常积极的反馈。此外,正式的辅导会议将允许以结构化的形式讨论失语症研究的职业生涯。第二项计划将是一个为期三小时的研讨会(失语症研究的新前沿),其中涵盖了最先进的方法论的背景和方法(例如,fNIRS,图形理论指标,机器学习方法),它们适用于研究失语症。这些研讨会将被记录下来,并上传到学院网站/ youtube频道,以便向失语症研究人员和公众传播。该研讨会将使与会者了解可以在他们的失语症研究中实施的特定科学方法的概念和方法方面。鉴于失语症研究的高度跨学科性质,这些研讨会将弥合失语症研究人员与开发新方法研究大脑的科学家和专家之间的沟通。这次会议已经为研究思想的交叉授粉提供了宝贵的机会,现在将为下一代有兴趣追求成人失语症和相关语言障碍性质的科学家提供培训平台。

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