Dynamic interpersonal neural synchronization underlying pain-induced cooperation in females.

Wang, Zhang, Shan, Liu, Yuan, Li (2019) Dynamic interpersonal neural synchronization underlying pain-induced cooperation in females. Hum Brain Mapp (IF: 4.8) 2 区


Individuals in pain are motivated to be cooperative in social interaction. Yet, there has been little research on how pain dynamically affects cooperation at a neural level. The present study investigated the cooperative behavior under acute physical pain by asking dyads to complete three blocks of button-press cooperative task, while neural activities were recorded simultaneously on each subject by the fNIRS-based hyperscanning. Results showed that individuals in pain improved their cooperation rate across task blocks. Accordingly, increased interpersonal neural synchronization (INS) was found at the left prefrontal cortex in second block, whereas increased INS was found at the right prefrontal cortex and the right parietal cortex in third block compared to the first block. Moreover, the change of INS in right parietal cortex was positively correlated with subjective pain rating in the pain treatment group. In addition, dynamic interpersonal neural networks were identified in painful condition with increasing frontoparietal networks across time. By uncovering dissociative neural processes involved in how pain affects cooperation in social interaction, the present work provides the first interbrain evidence to highlight the sociality of pain on social interaction in perspective of motivational aspect of pain. © 2019 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

痛苦中的个体被激励在社交互动中合作。然而,关于疼痛如何在神经水平上动态影响合作的研究很少。本研究通过要求dyads完成三个按钮按压合作任务块来研究急性身体疼痛下的合作行为,同时通过基于fNIRS的超扫描同时记录每个受试者的神经活动。结果显示疼痛中的个体提高了跨任务块的合作率。因此,在第二区块的左前额叶皮层中发现增加的人际神经同步(INS),而与第一区块相比,在第三区块的右前额叶皮层和右顶叶皮层中发现增加的INS。此外,右顶叶皮质INS的变化与疼痛治疗组的主观疼痛评分呈正相关。此外,动态人际神经网络在痛苦的情况下被识别出随着时间的推移逐渐增加的额顶网络。通过揭示涉及疼痛如何影响社会互动中的合作的分离神经过程,目前的工作提供了第一个证据来突出痛苦的动机方面的痛苦对社会互动的社会性。 ©2019 Wiley Periodicals,Inc。



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