Fontana, Raimondi, Di Domizio, Moretti, Montagnani Marelli, Limonta (2019) Unraveling the molecular mechanisms and the potential chemopreventive/therapeutic properties of natural compounds in melanoma Seminars in cancer biology ()


Melanoma is the most fatal form of skin cancer. Current therapeutic approaches include surgical resection, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. However, these treatment strategies are associated with development of drug resistance and severe side effects. In recent years, natural compounds have also been extensively studied for their anti-melanoma effects, including tumor growth inhibition, apoptosis induction, angiogenesis and metastasis suppression and cancer stem cell elimination. Moreover, a considerable number of studies reported the synergistic activity of phytochemicals and standard anti-melanoma agents, as well as the enhanced effectiveness of their synthetic derivatives and novel formulations. However, clinical data confirming these promising effects in patients are still scanty. This review emphasizes the anti-tumor mechanisms and potential application of the most studied natural products for melanoma prevention and treatment. Copyright © 2019. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

黑色素瘤是最致命的皮肤癌形式。目前的治疗方法包括手术切除,化疗,靶向治疗和免疫疗法。然而,这些治疗策略与耐药性的发展和严重的副作用有关。近年来,天然化合物还因其抗黑素瘤作用而被广泛研究,包括肿瘤生长抑制,凋亡诱导,血管生成和转移抑制以及癌症干细胞消除。此外,相当多的研究报道了植物化学物质和标准抗黑素瘤剂的协同活性,以及它们的合成衍生物和新配方的增强的有效性。然而,确认患者这些有希望的效果的临床数据仍然很少。本综述强调了大多数研究天然产物的抗肿瘤机制和潜在应用,用于黑色素瘤的预防和治疗。版权所有©2019。由Elsevier Ltd.出版