Techayusukcharoen, Iida, Aoki (2019) Observing brain function via functional near-infrared spectroscopy during cognitive program training (dual task) in young people Journal of physical therapy science 31(7) 550-555


[Purpose] To study the brain function during a dual task (cycling exercise and cognitive training) via functional near-infrared spectroscopy in young males. [Participants and Methods] Twenty Japanese young male participants were divided into intervention and control groups by simple randomization (n=10 per group). In the intervention group, participants were given a cognitive program training and cycling exercise (dual task). The control group was given the cognitive program training (single task) only. The cognitive program training consisted of a warm up, followed by 2 minutes of rock-paper-scissors, 2 minutes of numeric memory, 2 minutes of color matching, 2 minutes of calculations, and a cool down. Brain function tests were performed individually throughout the programs by functional near-infrared spectroscopy. [Results] The oxyhemoglobin levels significantly increased in the frontal lobe of the intervention and control groups after program completion compared to before. And the oxyhemoglobin levels of the intervention group also significantly increased more than control group in the prefrontal cortex and motor area. [Conclusion] This program used by Cognibike was also effective for improving hemoglobin oxygen levels at the frontal lobe in young males.