Shi, Ye, Gong, Ma, Wang, Jiang, Hua, Wang, Yu, Zhang, Ye (2020) Two-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Rare-Earth Double Perovskite Ferroelectrics Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(1) 545-551


As a major branch of hybrid perovskites, two-dimensional (2D) hybrid double perovskites are expected to be ideal systems for exploring novel ferroelectric properties, because they can accommodate a variety of organic cations and allow diverse combinations of different metal elements. However, no 2D hybrid double perovskite ferroelectric has been reported since the discovery of halide double perovskites in the 1930s. Based on trivalent rare-earth ions and chiral organic cations, we have designed a new family of 2D rare-earth double perovskite ferroelectrics, A4MIMIII(NO3)8, where A is the organic cation, MI is the alkaline metal or ammonium ion, and MIII is the rare-earth ion. This is the first time that ferroelectricity is realized in 2D hybrid double perovskite systems. These ferroelectrics have achieved high-temperature ferroelectricity and photoluminescent properties. By varying the rare-earth ion, variable photoluminescent properties can be achieved. The results reveal that the 2D rare-earth double perovskite systems provide a promising platform for achieving multifunctional ferroelectricity.


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