Zhang, Yang, He, Chen, Zhang, Fang (2020) LINC01436, regulating miR-585 and FBXO11, is an oncogenic lncRNA in the progression of gastric cancer Cell biology international 44(3) 882-893


Accumulating studies have indicated that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are crucial modulators in cancer biology. In this work, we investigated the function and related mechanisms of LINC01436 in the progression of gastric cancer (GC). We demonstrated that LINC01436 was significantly up-regulated in cancerous tissues of GC samples, and its overexpression was correlated with a worse prognosis for the patients. In the GC cell line BGC823 cells, LINC01436 knockdown repressed the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells; conversely, in GC cell line AGS cells, overexpression of LINC01436 showed the opposite effects. We then demonstrated that miR-585, a tumor suppressor, could bind to both LINC01436 and the 3'-UTR of F-box protein 11 (FBOX11), and LINC01436 was proved to sponge miR-585 and repress it, and indirectly promoted the expression of FBOX11. Collectively, these results suggested that LINC01436 was an oncogenic lncRNA in GC and promoted proliferation and metastasis of GC cell via regulating miR-585 and FBOX11. © 2019 International Federation for Cell Biology.



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