Pozsegovits, Szabó, Szupera, Nagy, Németh, Kondákor, Tusa, Berente, Salacz, Vécsei, Sas, Semjén, Nikl, Szapáry, Kakuk, Rózsa, Horváth, Imre, Köves, Balogh, Molnár, Folyovich, Al-Muhanna, Béres-Molnár, Hahn, Kristóf, Szász, Szűcs, Bereczki (2019) Utilization of acute vascular imaging and neurointervention for acute ischaemic stroke patients in 20 Hungarian stroke centers Ideggyogyaszati szemle 72(11-12) 407-412


Acute mortality rate of stroke in Hungary is significantly higher than in Western Europe, which is likely to be partially attributable to suboptimal treatment. We examined the use of acute vascular imaging and mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke patients. We collected data on 20 consecutive patients from Hungarian stroke centers before 31st August 2016. Out of the reported 410 patients, 166 (40.4%) underwent CT angiography and 44 (10.7%) had mechanical thrombectomy. Only about 1/3 of acute ischaemic stroke patients eligible for thrombectomy actually had it. The underlying reasons include long onset-to-door time, low utilization of acute vessel imaging and a limited neuro-intervention capacity needing improvement.



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