Kaikai, Ba-M'hamed, Bennis, Ghanima (2020) Prenatal exposure to the pesticide metam sodium induces sensorimotor and neurobehavioral abnormalities in mice offspring Environmental toxicology and pharmacology 74() 103309


The present study has investigated developmental neurotoxicity of Metam sodium (MS), from gestational day 6 and throughout the gestation period until delivery. Therefore, mated female mice were orally exposed on a daily basis to 0 (control), 50, 100 or 150 mg of MS/kg of body weight and their standard fertility and reproductive parameters were assessed. The offspring were examined for their sensorimotor development, depression and cognitive performance. Our results showed that MS exposure during pregnancy led to one case of mortality, two cases of abortion and disturbed fertility and reproductive parameters in pregnant dams. In offspring, MS induced an overall delay in innate reflexes and sensorimotor performances. Furthermore, all prenatally treated animals showed an increased level of depression-like behavior as well as a pronounced cognitive impairment in adulthood. These results demonstrated that prenatal exposure to MS causes a long-lasting developmental neurotoxicity and alters a wide range of behavioral functions in mice. Copyright © 2019 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



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