Xue, Huang, Wang, Xue, Ren, Zeng, Zhang (2020) Dry storage improves the vase quality of cut peony by increasing water uptake efficiency through aquaporins regulation Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 148() 63-69


Proper storage prolongs peony market supply. Here, we determined the changes in fresh weight and expression of four aquaporin genes under dry storage (DS) and wet storage (WS). It has showed that after harvesting, the fresh weight change was accompanied with flower opening. After both short- and long-term of storage, the water uptake efficiency in DS group was greater during the first few vase days, providing a direct material basis of DS improved vase quality. The gene expression results showed that PlPIP1;3 and PlTIP2;1 were mainly expressed in petals, whereas PlNIP1;2-like and PlSIP2;1 were mainly expressed in the green tissues. In addition, the expression of PlTIP2;1 in the petals was consistent with the flower opening process, indicating that it may play a major role in facilitating water uptake. During cold storage, the expression of PlPIP1;3 and PlTIP2;1 was higher or more rapidly induced in the DS group, and thus we deduced that they play important roles in improving the vase quality of DS. Furthermore, the expression of PlNIP1;2-like in the early stage of the DS group was more stable than in WS, which may also be partially responsible for the vase quality improvement. In contrast, PlSIP2;1 may not be involved, since no significant change was observed between the DS and WS group. In short, the expression of PlPIP1;3 and PlTIP2;1 in the DS group during storage may improve water uptake efficiency during the vase period and then improving the vase quality of cut peony. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.