Hypocapnia in women with fibromyalgia.

Jonsson, Pikwer, Olsson, Peterson (2024) Hypocapnia in women with fibromyalgia. Scand J Pain (IF: 1.5) 24(1)


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether people with fibromyalgia (FM) have dysfunctional breathing by examining acid-base balance and comparing it with healthy controls.Thirty-six women diagnosed with FM and 36 healthy controls matched for age and gender participated in this cross-sectional study. To evaluate acid-base balance, arterial blood was sampled from the radial artery. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, bicarbonate, base excess, pH and lactate were analysed for between-group differences. Blood gas analyses were performed stepwise on each individual to detect acid-base disturbance, which was categorized as primary respiratory and possible compensation indicating chronicity. A three-step approach was employed to evaluate pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate in this order.Women with FM had significantly lower carbon dioxide pressure (p = 0.013) and higher lactate (p = 0.038) compared to healthy controls at the group level. There were no significant differences in oxygen pressure, bicarbonate, pH and base excess. Employing a three-step acid-base analysis, 11 individuals in the FM group had a possible renally compensated mild chronic hyperventilation, compared to only 4 among the healthy controls (p = 0.042).In this study, we could identify a subgroup of individuals with FM who may be characterized as mild chronic hyperventilators. The results might point to a plausible dysfunctional breathing in some women with FM.© 2024 the author(s), published by De Gruyter.




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