Zhou, Zuo, Mallick, Sundaram (2019) Enhanced Efficiency of Carbon-Based Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells through a Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticle Additive in the Carbon Electrode Scientific reports 9(1) 8778


This paper presents perovskite solar cells employed with WO3 nanoparticles embedded carbon top electrode. WO3 nanoparticles works as an inorganic hole-transport material (HTM) to promote the hole-extraction in the perovskite/carbon interface as revealed by efficiency, electrochemical impedance and external quantum efficiency measurements. As a result, a 40% enhancement of energy conversion efficiency has been achieved compared to the reference devices with the energy conversion efficiency of 10.77% under standard conditions. In addition, the Li-TFSI can modify the interface between electron-transport material (ETM) and perovskite, which may inhibit the recombination at the ETM/perovskite interface. The VOC of devices upon the modification of Li-TFSI is increased from 887.9 to 934.2 mV. This work highlights about the enlightenment of the effective performance of carbon-based mesoscopic PSCs by the introduction of HTM and the modification of interfaces.