Chu, Li, Han, Cao, Li, Cheng (2019) Novel biomass-derived smoke-like carbon as a supercapacitor electrode material Royal Society open science 6(7) 190132


In this present work, smoke-like carbon was successfully fabricated from a bio-waste fungal substrate crude polysaccharide for the first time. The as-prepared products possess smoke-like structures, ultra-high specific surface area (SBET: 2160 m2 g-1) and a high content of micropores (microporous surface area of 60%, with a nanopore size of 0.70 nm), which can increase the specific capacitance, representing a wonderful structure for electrochemical energy storage devices. The as-prepared sample displayed an excellent specific capacitance of 152 F g-1 at 5 A g-1 in the three-electrode configuration and exhibited maximal densities of 6.8-10.2 W h kg-1 under power outputs of 253.4-24.3 kW kg-1. We believe that this work demonstrates a simple, green and low-cost route by using agricultural residue to prepare applicable carbon materials for use in energy storage devices.