Zawalski, Tuszyńska, Wilczyński (2019) QChromosomeVisualizer: A new tool for 3D visualization of long simulations of polymer-like chromosome models Methods (San Diego, Calif.) ()


Recent years have brought us great wealth of new types of experimental data on different aspects of chromatin state, from chromosome conformation assays, through super-resolution microscopic imaging to epigenetic modifications and lamina interaction assays. This rapid increase in data availability have motivated many novel approaches to 3D modeling of chromosomes, their conformations and dynamic behavior. Even though there are many tools already developed for molecular visualization in the field of structural bioinformatics, they are usually optimized for visualization of smaller molecules (like proteins) and much shorter trajectories. We have developed a novel approach to visualization of long trajectories of large polymers, typical in the field of chromatin modeling. Our software, called QChromosomeVisualizer (QCV), allows for quick visualization of long simulations containing thousands or even millions of frames and generating good looking still images and animations including spherical 360 videos that can be viewed in VR headsets. We believe that this kind of tools will be helpful for the broader community of researchers interested in modeling by allowing them to create new and clearer ways to communicate their results. Copyright © 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.