Wang, Zeng, Liang, Zan, Ji, Zhang, Wei, Tu, Dong (2019) Integrated analysis of transcriptome-wide m6A methylome of osteosarcoma stem cells enriched by chemotherapy Epigenomics 11(15) 1693-1715


Aim: To analyze the m6A methylome of osteosarcoma stem cells (OSCs). Materials & methods: Chemoresistant OSCs were enriched by doxorubicin treatment. Expression of m6A-related enzymes was detected by quantitative real-time-PCR and western blot. MeRIP-seq and RNA-seq were performed to identify differences in m6A methylation and gene expression. Data analysis was conducted to explore the modified genes and their clinical significance. Results: Three m6A-related enzymes were altered in OSCs. Differentially methylated genes were enriched in some pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells. The expression of several candidate genes were found consistent with that in GSE33458 dataset, and associated with poor prognosis in osteosarcoma patients. Conclusion: m6A may play a role in the emergence and maintaining of OSCs and affect the prognosis.


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