Chen, Yan, Yang, Xu, Huang, You (2020) miRNA-150-5p promotes hepatic stellate cell proliferation and sensitizes hepatocyte apoptosis during liver fibrosis Epigenomics 12(1) 53-67


Aim: To explore the role of miRNA-150-5p (miR-150-5p) in liver fibrosis. Materials & methods: miRNA expression profiles, CCl4-induced liver fibrosis progression and regression rodent models, quantitative real-time PCR, miR-150-5p mimics and inhibitors, cell proliferation and apoptosis detection, RNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis were employed. Results: Liver tissue miR-150-5p expression was positively associated with liver fibrosis progression and regression; however, miR-150-5p exhibited a cell-specific expression pattern, namely, it was enhanced in hepatocytes but reduced in hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) during liver fibrosis; miR-150-5p overexpression promoted HSC apoptosis and sensitized hepatocyte apoptosis; miR-150-5p mimic had a larger influence on the transcriptomic stability of HSCs than that of hepatocytes; miR-150-5p mediated activation of interferon signaling pathways might be responsible for HSC apoptosis. Conclusion: miR-150-5p exhibited an opposite regulation and function pattern between HSCs and hepatocytes during liver fibrosis.


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