Rosenberg, Doniger, Harii, Sinniger, Levy (2019) Demystifying Circalunar and Diel Rhythmicity in Acropora digitifera under Constant Dim Light iScience 22() 477-488


Life on earth has evolved under constant environmental changes; in response to these changes, most organisms have developed an endogenous clock that allows them to anticipate daily and seasonal changes and adapt their biology accordingly. Light cycles synchronize biological rhythms and are controlled by an endogenous clock that is entrained by environmental cues. Light is known to play a key role in the biology of symbiotic corals as they exhibit many biological processes entrained by daily light patterns. In this study, we aimed at determining the effect of constant dim light on coral's perception of diel and monthly cycles. Our results show that under constant dim light corals display a loss of rhythmic processes and constant stimuli by light, which initiates signal transduction that results in an abnormal cell cycle, cell proliferation, and protein synthesis. The results emphasize how constant dim light can mask the biological clock of Acropora digitifera. Copyright © 2019 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


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