Song, Bi, Wang, Liu, Kang, Dong (2020) Efficient lateral-structure perovskite single crystal solar cells with high operational stability Nature communications 11(1) 274


The power conversion efficiency of perovskite polycrystalline thin film solar cells has rapidly increased in recent years, while the stability still lags behind due to its low thermal stability as well as the fast ion migration along the massive grain boundaries. Here, stable and efficient lateral-structure perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are achieved based on perovskite single crystals. By optimizing anode contact with a simple surface treatment, the open circuit voltage and fill factor dramatically increase and promote the efficiency of the devices exceeding 11% (0.05 to 1 Sun) compared to that of 5.9% (0.25 Sun) of the best lateral-structure single crystal PSCs previously reported. Devices show excellent operational stability and no degradation observed after 200 h continuous operation at maximum power point under 1 Sun illumination. Devices with scalable architectures are investigated by utilizing interdigital electrodes, which show huge potential to realize low cost and highly efficient perovskite photovoltaic devices.