Stork Pro

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Compared to the basic version, Stork Pro offers the following features:

1. More keywords

Pro users may track more keywords.

Basic Pro
Maximal number of keywords 10 1,000

2. Advanced filter settings

You may set the minimum impact factor and Stork will only send you publications with higher impact factor. You may set a different minimum impact factor for each keyword. You may also limit the journal(s).

3. Adjust the number of papers per keyword

For basic users, the maximum number of papers for each keyword in each alert is 10. This is more than enough for most users. However, if your keywords are broad, then some papers might not be delivered. As a pro user, you may set this limit.

4. Keep older papers

For basic users, publications older than 30 days will be automatically removed. With Pro account, you have the option to Star (or Like) a publication and starred publications won't be removed.

How to use?

Please go to Stork main page (account required), scroll down to the Advanced Feature section, check the "Add to subscription" box and then click "Subscribe" Button. You may also purchase Stork Membership.

Your payment is processed securely via Stripe.

Other advanced features

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  2. ChatPaper
  3. Stork Pro
  4. Email Translate
  5. NIH Grant Database: Search, Translate & Alert
  6. PubMed Multi-Language Search, Translate & Alert
  7. Big Analysis
  8. Citation Network
  9. Preprint Alert
  10. AI Creative Abstract
  11. Sentence Sea
  12. Listen to papers

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